The Samsung Galaxy Series

There are four new additions to the ever-expanding Galaxy series of Android smartphones from Samsung, these are; the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570, Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 and Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The Galaxy Ace is considered as the most advanced phone among the four with black case and moderately modest specification in comparison with some of the Android phones in the market. It come with a 3.5 inch pixel display, a processor of 800MHz with 158MB of RAM and works on Android 2.2 platform. It also features a 5megapixels camera with the basic video capture capabilities, Wi-Fi support, 3.5G and GPS with microSd slot and a 2GB memory card.

The screen resolution may not be as great as the expensive smartphones but the display is large enough and the general specifications are useful enough to satisfy the customers. This phone is expected to on the display racks from February onwards.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

With rush for the mini phones in the past year, Samsung is following in the trend with the Galaxy Mini. Although there is nothing significantly mini about this particular smartphone because it is just a simple android phone with a design that is somewhat copied from the highly popular Samsung Corby.

It has a display of 3.14 inch pixel panel and features a 3megapixels camera at the back. It also features a 600 MHz processor with 160MB of RAM, Wi-Fi and 3.5G support, works on Android 2.2 platform, a microSd slot with a 2 GB card and a 3.5mm audio socket. It is expected to hit the market in February.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

The Galaxy Fit is an elegantly designed handset that has a 3.3 inch display with a 5megapixels camera. It features an 800 MHz CPU, Wi-Fi and #.5G support, GPS plus 600 MHz processor, 160Mb of RAM, I microSD slot with 2Gb included and runs on Android 2.2. February is also the target month for its release.

Samsung Galaxy Gio

The Galaxy Gio is another smartphone variation with the basically same theme. This one comes with a 3.2 inch pixel display with a 3megapixels camera at the back, 800 MHz processor with 158MB of RAM, a microSD slot, 2GB card, Wi-Fi and 3,5G support and it also runs on Android 2.2.

This handset may look dull following the usual slabby pattern for smartphone, but the specifications are good enough and useful enough to satisfy the customers. It is expected to be on the market sometime in this quarter.

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Upcoming and Latest Samsung Mobile Phones for 2011

This year Samsung focuses on production of GSM phones, the following are the upcoming and latest released Samsung phones:

The Samsung Contour

Samsung Contour is a slim and compact designed mobile phone. It has a sleek shape that makes it easy to hold and with a very cheerful and appealing red colored case. It offers the following features:

  • MetroWeb Internet Access for unlimited web browsing anytime and anywhere.
  • An Intergrated VGA camera to capture those special moments.
  • Bluetooth capability to help user safely connect with other devices within the allowed radius.
  • Easy messaging even in the dark because of the slighly raised key buttons and MobileIM that makes messaging faster and instant.
  • A speakerphone wherein you can hear a person’s voice through a sp[eaker instead of through the earpiece.
  • A battery with up to 200 hours of standby time and up to 3.3 hours of talk time.

The Samsung Profile

The Samsung Profile features a side sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 2.4 inches QVGA screen display,  Bluetooth capability,  2.0 megapixels camera, Internet browsing with built-in online support for Facebook and MySpace, multimedia player that supports MP3, AAX, WMA and M4A, an internal memory of 100MB and a microSD card support.

The Samsung Zeal

SAmsung Zeal has an exclusive two-way flip design with a pioneering e-ink keyboard and a practical outer music controls. It allows up to 32GB of flexible memory. It offers the following features:

  • 2.0 megapixels camera that takes good quality pictures and videos even on a low light condition because it has the Samsung’s innovative night shot technology where the action continues even without re-adjustment of lightings.
  • A large screen of 2.6 inches 262 TFT display that offers sharp and vivid images and easy to read text.
  • A multi-messaging option where you can use the full QWERTY keyboard when you hold the phone horizontally. This feature is the best for those who just love to text. The case is uniquely designed to be able to hide the full keyboard when not in use.
  • Internet access with the Social Beat App that allows faster online connection and easy web browsing.

The Samsung Messenger III

The Samsung Messenger III is a GPS phone that features a full QWERTY keyboard with multi-messaging options. It offers a fast Internet access that lets you connect to your favorite website like Facebook and MySpace. It also has a 1.3 megapixel camera that allows for easy shots, save and sending of pictures via multimedia messaging.

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Samsung Tocco Lite Review – Samsung Tocco Lite Price


Samsung Tocco Lite

Price Range : Rs 8400/-

The Samsung Tocco Lite is a sleek and stylish phone let out by Samsung. The superior quality inherent radio enables you to hear clear sounds through its advanced technology features. The sleek phone encompasses a 3.0” TFT screen with around 256 thousand color embedded along 240*400 pixels resolution.

The smart phone has handwriting recognition with the accelerometer sensor with smart unlock features. The phone comes with a 50 MB micro SD card, which is extensible up to 16 GB. The camera is indulged with a 3.15 MP, which has the capacity to deliver 2048*1536 pixels resolution along with smile detection options. The phone has a document viewer, which enables viewing of MS Excel, Word, Power point, and PDF documents.

Samsung Tocco Lite

The music library filled in music, which has the capability of playing MP3, WMA, and AAC audio formats. With all this, the phone weighs 93.5g and the battery capacity allows up to 10 hrs talk time and up to 800 hrs standby by time. The Samsung Tocco Lite is obtainable at a price of 8400/- rupees in India.

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Samsung Star Nxt GT-S5233W Specification – Samsung Star Nxt GT-S5233W Price in India

Samsung Star Nxt GT-S5233W

Price Range : Rs 11,100.

Samsung Star Nxt GT-S5233W comprises a large 3.0” LCD screen with 262K Color WQVGA for excellent view. The touch screen is just mind blowing. It has auto rotating display which easily switches back and front to optimize viewing of large substance.

Here the music recognition feature recognizes songs even when you just record a portion of a song which is sent to the server to be identified in a few seconds. Online widgets hook up you to valuable data like stock updates, weather forecast, latest news, etc. FM, MP3 player and music player come with 3D sound technology and they are easily manageable with MTP.

Samsung Star Nxt GT-S5233W

The phone is embedded with a 3 Mp camera to take clear photos with high quality. The smile shot present, allows you to take photos when the person is smiling naturally. The taken photos can be edited within the phone and you need not look for a PC to do it.

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The Samsung C3050 Review – The Samsung C3050 Price in India

The Samsung C3050

The Samsung C3050 is a black beauty with a 2” color TFT screen that indulges in 65k colors and has 120*160 pixels resolution. It come with and internal memory of 15 MB which is extensible up to 8 GB Micro SD Slot. The phone has an amazing music clarity system to get you across the globe.

The wonder handset measures 97mm x 47.3mm x 14.9 mm in dimensions and weighs 86 Gms totally. This little phone includes attractive features such as Organizer, Mobile Tracker, and Bluetooth and has amazing multimedia features like MP3 player and FM radio with RDS technology.

The Samsung C3050

The Edge and GPRS provide excellent network for the phone to operate with ease. The MP3 and polyphonic ring tones enhance the phone better. It is a 3G phone with VGA camera options with 640*480 resolutions. The video player operates on MPEG4 and H.263 and the phone has all SMS, MMS, and Email options added.

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Samsung SGH-J150 Review – Price of Samsung SGH-J150

Samsung SGH-J150 Price Range :Rs.5000/-

Samsung SGH -J150, which has a 9.9mm, Slim Metallic Design with 1.9’ large display with 262k color Screen and QCIF resolution. The embedded Java games with FM are also available on the Samsung SGH-J150.The messaging Characteristics have SMS/MMS and Email too.

The keypad possesses rippled accents for smooth movements while messaging. The camera options has 1.3 MP with *three Digital Zoom. The Audio and Video Players have MP3 Ring tones with DRM. The cute and simple phone is enabled with Call Conversion recording which highlights the phone. It weighs just 66.5g with 111*45*9.9mm dimensions. The mobile is user friendly, which includes an organizer with local calendar.

Samsung SGH-J150

The connectivity options can be listed down as Bluetooth, WAP, USB, and PC Sync App with Internet HTML Browser. The user memory is installed with 10 MB Micro SD Slot that is expandable. The Samsung SGH-J150 metallic design phone can be bought at Rs.5000/-

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Samsung SGH-i780 Review – Samsung SGH-i780 Price in India

Samsung SGH-i780 Price Range :Rs.21, 700/-

Samsung SGH-i780 is a lovely Touch Screen model with an Inbuilt GPS Receiver the HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity along with MS Push Email are grand applications of the phone. Samsung SGH-i780 allows you to access MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files with Viewer and Editor which is thus called a Pocket PC with no doubt. Even HTML Email can be Read easily.

The GPS Receiver and Navigation helps you in finding the nearest ATM or Petrol Bunk with just a single click. It operates on Tri band/ UMTS 2.1 GHz with GPRS, EDGE, and 3G Network with Java and GSM. The music player has a Multi Format with (MP3/AAC/WMA) which bestows wonderful sound clarity upon you for your ears that you will be indulged in.

Samsung SGH-i780

It’s a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0, which can be otherwise said to be a POCKET PC. The Optical Mouse assists you very well while browsing instantly. It costs around Rs.21, 700/-

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Samsung S8500 Review – Samsung S8500 Price

Samsung S8500

The Samsung S8500 is the latest phone with Samsung’s own operating system Samsung Bada OS enabled with Super AMOLED display with Resolutions of 480*800(WVGA) with 3.3 internal size designed with a 3G platform embedded with Dolfin Browser 2.0. The messaging facilitates SMS/MMS along with Email with cell broadcast.

The business and office features have embedded Picsel Document viewer and flight mode voice memo and voice mail facilities along with mobile printing with video player, video streaming, and video recording with video telephony and video wall paper are available here. The camera comes with 5 MP with *4 digital Zoom with auto focus that you always wished for.

Samsung S8500

The connectivity area of the Samsung S8500 can be done by Bluetooth, Sync (DS), Sync (DM), PC Sync Application, WAP, and Wi-Fi with Internet HTML Browser. The memory card included is 2GB which is extensible up to 32GB. The Samsung S8500 costs Rs.17500/-.

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Samsung S5560 Specification – Samsung S5560 Price in India

Samsung S5560

Price Range :11500/-

The amazing Samsung S5560 is a sophisticated mobile with bright features. The GSM mobile is enabled with a touch screen interface with 256K colors with a 3.0” display in 240*400 pixels involved in displaying images. The GPRS and Edge technology lend a hand in transferring data with speed.

The lovely phone is embedded with 78 MB memory where you can save 2000 entries and it is extensible up to 16 GB. It operates on a fine accelerometer sensor and touch Wiz UI together. The Bluetooth connectivity enables relationships with each other’s mobiles very easily. The Wi-Fi allows free internet browsing at Wi-Fi zones at ease. The WLAN and USB happen to be the other connectivity features.

Samsung S5560The camera comes with 5 MP with LED Flash which allows crispness in the photos taken. The stereo and Radio operate with RDS and has downloadable Java games facility. SMS, MMS, and Email with HTML Browser are the other main features. The phone costs around 11500/- Indian rupees.

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Samsung Soul Price – Samsung Soul Review

Samsung Soul Price Range :Rs.16000/-.

The Samsung Soul Interface operates with a user changed Graphoc with HSPDA 7.2 Mbps. The 3G supported network with GSM is a slider designed phone. The fine look of the mobile allows Bluetooth connectivity. The Samsung soul is available in black, pink, silver, and graphite.

The advanced multi functionality of the Samsung Soul entertainment package along with the visualization options are embedded with equalizers that allow you to get fine music for your ears which is enjoyable. The FM comes with auto tuning and RDS support. The face detection AF is installed to capture details in darkness with WDR Optimizer. It has an embedded external Micro SD Memory.

Samsung Soul

The CMOS Camera operates with 5MP Digital Zoom therefore; the image stabilizer helps you to capture images with proper solidity, as it should be. Its metal body gives you a fine surface while holding the Samsung Soul into your hands. The lovely phone will speak for itself. It costs Rs.16000/-.

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