Latest Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are Internet applications that can be accessed from smartphone and other handsets. These applications help the user to gain easier access on the Internet even without using a PC or a laptop computer. Many applications are available for downloading some are free. The latest released mobile applications are listed below:

Total Recall Call Recorder – Version4.2.0 for Nokia

This is the best Call Recorder application for you Nokia S60 unit. Version 4.2.0 uses a new beep suppression technology and app stability that is way ahead of its competition. The addition feature called the Killer makes it the easiest recorder to use. You can download a free 14 day demo. Other features include; standalone recording, intelligent clip naming, convenient hot key for manual recording, Dictaphone capabilities, password protection, and it lets you manually or automatically send clips through BT and email.

MobiBackup for Android – Version2.0.2

This is software with the best function for backup and recovery of phone contacts and SMS’s. The style of backup is unusual and innovative as it supports to backup not only in a distinctive way by mailbox but also in the conventional way by server. The backup content is encrypted and compressed for added security for data transmission and storage processes and it also saves network traffic. This is the best application for transferring contacts and short messages with a different OS.

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