Dell Streak 7 Tablet

Dell introduces Streak 7 Tablet a gadget compact enough to carry with features that are great and absolutely functional. It is android 2.2 OS-based with upgrade bapability for upcoming operating system releases. Measures 7 inches with a multi touch display that features a powerful pre-installed Adobe Flash 10.1.

This tablet is created for T-Mobile’s new 4G network and it has heavy hardwares like the NVIDIA’s Tegra 20 dual core 1GHz CPU that’s works very well with android 2.2. Other features are:

  • 5 megapixel rear-facing camera to capture those unforgettable moments.
  • 1.3 megapixel camera for video chats on Skype or Qik with family and friends wherever you may be. The big screen allows for more personal conversations with the people that matter to you most.
  • Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity to enable you to stay in touch on the go. Browse, play, send and receive emails, post and share comments with a fast internet connection.
  • 16Gb of internal memory storage
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Stage Software that offers fast access to watch your favorite clips and TV shows with a simple touch of a button. This softeware also allows usera to download movies, listen to songs play games and connect with friends and family through social networks like Facebook and Flickr.
  • An easy-to-use interface that lets users read and enjoy more than 700,000 eBooks in the Kindle Store.
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Latest iPhone Games

Asphalt 6: Adrenalin

This newest version of the Asphalt series is adrenalin pumping game with 42 cars and bikes from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and other world-renowned auto brands. In this game you will be able to customize your collected vehicles before going up the streets of LA, the Bahamas, Tokyo and other key locations. Everything is highly readable with HD and using the Retina display to its full advantage. There are 55 events, 11 various leagues and you will go up against other tough competitors.

This exciting game features a multi player mode of up to 6 players, 12 tracks, a garage in full 3D, and many tuning options for customizing each car model.

Dungeon Hunter 2

This is the continuing epic story game of the Dungeon Hunter in a whole new perspective. There is a new world for discovery, exploration and conquest. This particular game will take you back 25 years to the son of the immortal king,  Gothicus after the events of the original game. The play is all about uncovering the mysterious plot to conquer your kingdom and the best way to do that is to go through much bigger dungeons and go up against fiercer monster.

It offers the following features: an exclusive multi-player mode, 3 characters to choose from with 2 special abilities each, an HD graphics optimized for iPhone 4, more finely tuned controls, a save system, a bigger world with more opponents, longer playing time, larger number of conquests and a deep customized system.

Eternal Legacy

Eternal Legacy is an intense role-playing game with a cinematic 3D world. The story goes with you as Astrian and you must save and restore the Algoad from utter destruction. This game features voice acting mode where you can talk to the people you will meet. Discover many secrets, go on with your quest and you will find yourself in the middle of the action.

This game features the best Japanese themed game, an exciting exploration of majestic locations in full 3D, a fantasy and sci-fi story and you can even fly your own ship.

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ERA Bluetooth Headset

The Jawbone new ERA Bluetooth headset is a small computer for the ear. This is the new era of high technology for the next generation. It has a caller ID application that identifies the caller and can also send messages. This device provides a top quality HD sound experience and convenience. A wearable unit such as this is very much recommended for people who are always on the go. No need to pick the phone, you can answer calls and even send messages while your hands are busy doing something else.

The audio quality of the ERA headset has a 25 percent bigger wideband speaker than previously issued headset models. The built-in accelerometer helps the user to be comfortable while moving. The company used a Fullpower-MotionX in developing this new innovation.

The ERA is now considered as a new personal device that adapts to the way people live in today’s modern world. We live in a past-phased environment and every second counts. A very busy individual can use up more of his time with his other duties if he does not have to spend some of his time in picking up and putting down his mobile.

The company is setting up this new technology as a platform wherein new applications can be developed. This mini ear computer comes complete with a multi-processor architecture and serial flash.

This device has so many special features that will definitely help the modern man. If put on the Shake Shake  mode function, the user can answer and end a call just by double tapping the device. It can also identify ordinary motions and then act in response to them. Another new application featured is the new caller ID that uses friendly and non-robotic voice. This means the sound will be pleasant to the ear and so the user will be more relaxed when receiving a call even when he is on a business meeting or a seminar.

The ERA Bluetooth headset has an upgraded NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology. It is a military grade technology that has the capacity to determine the type of noise environment you are currently in. It automatically modifies the incoming volume and precision of the sounds even without switching any controls. Jawbone described this upgraded technology as something that befits any product called assassin. Kill the unnecessary noise and leave the rest to be readable to the user.

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Update on Apple – iOS 4.2 Software

The iOS 4.2 software is a free new feature to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch units. It is simple to install, just connect the unit to a PC then download the software update. Free, easy and allows the user to do a lot more with this advanced mobile OS.

The following are the features of the iOS 4.2:

Multitasking – helps you be more productive in your work, enjoying playing or do both at the same time.

Folders on iPad – provides additional room for more applications. Just drag and drop the item from your home screens to get your applications more organized.

AirPrint – for simple printing of emails. pictures, web pages and filed documents from your devices. Just a few clicks and you will be seeing the images on the screen and then printing them. No other software is needed and no drivers to connect.

AirPlay – lets you watch movies and photo slides on your TV or listen to music on your speakers through the video streaming feature of your mobile devices.

Device Locator – helps you find your missing unit and protect the data stored. This particular feature is easy to activate once the iOS 4.2 software is installed.

Game Center – helps you enjoy games with your friends and opponents as it is easy to compare points and track level achievements.

Better Mail Organizer – provides a unified inbox feature, manages thread messages and opens attachment easily.

Keyboard and Dictionary Enhancements – supports more than 50 dialects and has over 30 new international keyboards and dictionaries for iPad.

Messaging with Text Tones for iPhone – helps you know who is sending you SMS even without looking at the screen. Just pick and assign custom tones for the names on your contact list.

The iOS 4.2 software is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 2ndrdth generation, iPod touch 4 generation, iPod touch 3 generation and the iPad.

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The Latest and the Coolest Gadgets

Razer Ferox

A Razer Ferox is a portable stereo speaker for mobile gamers. It is an ultra modern gadget that is meant to deliver 360 degrees of omni-directional sound. It is a very petite device compared to most stereo speakers of this kind.

This great innovation is said to be a sophisticated boombox specifically designed for gamers. The best for people who are always on the go because of its compact structure that makes it easier to listen to music anywhere you are. The rechargable battery is built-in and can deliver up to 12 hours of playing power. It come with a carrying case and is compatible with any media player that can be inserted with 3.5 mm jack.

Because of its all-directional capacity, this device is able to send out sounds in wider range. Whatever your position is, you are assured of a good listening experience. Pretty impresive for such a small instrument.

Portable GPS tracker

This new and compact Spy device is the best tehre is in the market. It is a USB cum GPS reciever that you can always carry with you wherever you may go.

To retrieve all the information stored is pretty easy, once the device has done its job, you simply connect it to a PC to download the data. The data will show exactly where the tracker has been, the length of time is has been there and how it got to that location.

It is a cool gadget that you can use anywhere, Imagine how you can show your friends not just the pictures you have during a vacation, but also the exact location of where you have been, and on a map too.

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