Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Games

Mobile games are video games that can be played on a handheld phone, smartphone, PDA, laptop, or portable media player. Snake is the first ever mobile game installed on Nokia phones in 1997. It is estimated that over a billion have played Snake since its introduction,

Mobile games are generally downloaded through the mobile operator’s radio network, in some cases though they can also be installed directly into the handsets during production, also downloadable via infrared and Bluetooth connection.

The Following are the Top 5 Mobile Games

Tetris Mobile Phone Game

The Tetris mobile game is an adaptation of the classic game we all loved. A few modifications were done to make this popular game more updated and more appealing to the younger generation. For the mobile phone, a Marathon mode was added as well as two additional fast games; the Ultra – where you have to clear as many lines as you can in 2 minutes and the Forty Line – where you have to clear 40 lines as fast as you can.

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WORMS Mobile Phone Game

The classic comic war game is back on mobile with an all-new update for 2010! Send your worm platoons into battle with cult-classic weapons like the Banana Bomb and Super

Worms is a classic comic war game with an all new updated version. To play, you must send your worm platoons to war using classic weapons like the Banana Bombs and Super Sheep, new additions like the Spartan Kick and the Brick. Fight on levels that range from Easy to Insane.

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Chess Conquest Mobile Phone Game

This is a classic kingdom-defense game, wherein you as a King will have to fight for the freedom of your land and people. The main aim is to free the people as well as the neighbors against King Khnar who have managed to conquer the rest of the world and your castle is the last place where there is fighting still going on. To defeat Khnar who have a very big army you have to use all your skills and knowledge to win unique chess game.

King Khnar is conquering the world. Your castle is the last place where people are still fighting for the freedom. You, the King, are going to struggle for emancipation and

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Cricket Fever Mobile Phone Game

This game will let you play cricket against the world’s greatest teams. Just try to beat all to become the champion.

Play cricket against the world’s greatest teams. Choose your team, toss the coin, choose the number of overs and then bat & ball to victory. Try to beat all the teams to become the world champion!

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2-4-1 Absolute Sudoku and Kakuro Mobile Phone Game

Sudoku is addictive, we all know that. Combine with Absolute Kakuro it is even more fun. More dilemmas and a whole new series of puzzle challenges await anyone who will try this unique number game.

Addictive and challenging, the great combination of Absolute Kakuro and Absolute Sudoku – both offering a host of puzzling dilemmas, with a variety of challenging and exciting problems to solve

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Free Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is a technological breakthrough; it gives the user the opportunity to play on a mobile phone. The very first mobile game was installed in a Nokia phone in 1977 called Snake. Today, there are more and more games being installed on phones and they are becoming more and more sophisticated. With the very small processing power of a mobile phone compared to a PC, the games that can be installed in a phone are flashy and small.

Some of the latest and popular free downloadable mobile games are:

Coast Racer 3D

This is a race game that tales the player to along the French Riviera. The race takes place on a winding road along the coast. There are beautiful 3D landscapes and small villages. Sharp curves, dangerous turns and tunnels are the race’s risky route.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 3D

This is another racing game that takes the rider on either a hot pursuit or be the one to be pursued. There are achievement points to be earned from this game that is flooded with adrenalin-rushing excitement of chases.

Platinum Solitaire 3

This is a new version of the most common played card game. This game allows the player to travel around the world and build a casino empire.


In this game there a re small monsters that play the role as paratroopers and they try to outmaneuver their foes in 5 levels with 5 stages where you need to earn points in order to get to the next level. If you don’t, you will be disqualified to continue.

Mobile Aquarium

In this game you will be able to take care and grow fishes in a virtual aquarium

Nightclub Empire

For those who love the nightlife, this is one game to fulfill those lonely weekday nights. You don’t have to wait fro a Saturday night before enjoying the nightclub scenes.

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Latest news on Nokia Games

Angry Birds Alternative for Nokia N8 Series

Angry Birds mobile games are so addictive that it is now one of the most played. But there are others mobile games available especially on the Nokia N8. Below is a list of the top 5 picks for a great alternative game:

Doodle Jump

This is a simple game wherein you will guide the green thing called the Doodler to a graph paper by just moving the handset either left or right. The N8’s accelerometer is the key in getting high scores from this simple yet tricky mobile game.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Who does not of a PAC-MAN game? We all loved eating up those sinister villains in this classic game. Now, a new version is available for the Nokia N8 where everything is brand new. No copycat from the previous version as it features a maze in the dark, a high speed mode and a shape shifting labyrinth.

Tetris HD

Another classic game is the Tetris. This game already holds a special place in our hearts, the latest version for mobile combines the block-fitting mode of the original with some new innovative features and modified visuals for today’s generation of mobile players.

Cannonball HD

This mobile game is a shooting gallery game that will make to tap on your phone as if you are texting angrily or in a hurry. Well, anyone will be too excited when firing a canon at a speeding pirate ship, prowling sea-monsters and of course the most dangerous enemy – the seagulls.

Marble Maze Speed

In this mobile game for Nokia N8, you simply must direct a glossy marble to reach its goal by steering through a series of dangerous looking mazes. Use the N8’s accelerometer for accuracy. The best thing about this game, it is available for free.

Crazy Penguin Catapult

This is the real successor to Angry Birds. This game will have you bouncing penguins off the wall and hitting the polar bears that kidnapped one of your penguins.

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Mobile Scrabble Games

Scrabble for Android Game Platforms

Scrabble was introduced as a board game in 1949 and many have been professional scrabble players since then. This game has been taken outside of the home and into the competitive word of international championships. The aim of the game is to create words from a selected set of 7 letters and to score as many points as possible with the help of the bonus points on the letter tiles. Just like most of the games we have played since childhood, scrabble has made it to the world of the internet. The most popular being the one on Facebook called Scrabulous.

Today, Scrabble is made available for Andoid phones. Here are some of the most popular Scrabble games for mobile:


This is a game that gives you seven random selected letters and challenges you to a game on a virtual board. You can either play with a friend while sharing a phone or the one is online. You can play up to 50 games at once but that slows things down. You can leave the game by pushing notification button. The preview and clear buttons can be used to get the best result.


This is a Scrabble game featured on all Android phone models. In this game only 6 letters will be randomly given to you to work with. There is an official Scrabble dictionary that will allow you to use pretty much any word you choose.

Two version of this game is available, the Free BitLetters and the one dollar BitLetters.

DroidWords Scrabble

This is available as a free version and the premium version. The ad-supported free version comes with a full-screen advert. This is probably the most appealing android Scrabble games. It features varied in-game skins and the capacity to play multiplayer with at least 25 games at one time.


This game allows you to play up against up to 30 opponents simultaneously. It is compatible with Android 1.6 platform and uses the standard “drag the tiles” pattern. Chat ability makes this game easier to play. There is an opponent tracker and it gives you the option to choose your random co-players.

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Mobile Game Strategy for Tower Raiders

Tower Raiders is a game available on the Android mobile platform.  This is not an easy game; it is a defense game which aim is to defend your treasured gems on the map. There will be an assortment of weapons available for the player. Use these defense equipments to ward off the enemies. The guns differ in range, strength and fire speed and each can be upgraded using the points earned each time you defeat an enemy. Your location as well as your enemy’s is predetermined but the enemies vary in class and strength and this is where a good strategy is very much needed.

It is a very entertaining game and that can really make anyone addicted. Levels get harder as you progress along the game and there will be situations wherein you really have to use all the strategic know how you have. Below are a few tips on how to succeed in this game.

  • Make sure you place your guns in the right positions. There are spots where you can not place a gun, so be sure to put your long range weapons near these locations.
  • Avoid placing your heavier weapons in the direct entrance or exit because they will not be used to their full capacity. Lighter guns are the best for these spots as they may be easily damaged at the start of the game.
  • When upgrading. Be sure you do it in a very strategic way. The guns you used for long range positions should be upgraded first since they will be the ones you will need more and they do cover those unguarded lands. Canons must also be among the list of early upgradable weapons.
  • Do not hesitate to use the pause option before progressing to the next level. This way you have the time to determine which direction you intend to take next. It is vital to lead the enemies around the map so they need to cover a lot of grounds before they can attack and get to your gems. This will also allow you to terminate them even they have the time to come any nearer.

This may seem like a simple game at first but do not be deceived, the levels get pretty hard and will require your full attention. To beat the game, do not just rely on the above tips, in the end everything will be up to you. Just remember to choose you weapons and locations wisely. Damage to the enemy is vital, do not be merciful

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