Mobile Game Strategy for Tower Raiders

Tower Raiders is a game available on the Android mobile platform.  This is not an easy game; it is a defense game which aim is to defend your treasured gems on the map. There will be an assortment of weapons available for the player. Use these defense equipments to ward off the enemies. The guns differ in range, strength and fire speed and each can be upgraded using the points earned each time you defeat an enemy. Your location as well as your enemy’s is predetermined but the enemies vary in class and strength and this is where a good strategy is very much needed.

It is a very entertaining game and that can really make anyone addicted. Levels get harder as you progress along the game and there will be situations wherein you really have to use all the strategic know how you have. Below are a few tips on how to succeed in this game.

  • Make sure you place your guns in the right positions. There are spots where you can not place a gun, so be sure to put your long range weapons near these locations.
  • Avoid placing your heavier weapons in the direct entrance or exit because they will not be used to their full capacity. Lighter guns are the best for these spots as they may be easily damaged at the start of the game.
  • When upgrading. Be sure you do it in a very strategic way. The guns you used for long range positions should be upgraded first since they will be the ones you will need more and they do cover those unguarded lands. Canons must also be among the list of early upgradable weapons.
  • Do not hesitate to use the pause option before progressing to the next level. This way you have the time to determine which direction you intend to take next. It is vital to lead the enemies around the map so they need to cover a lot of grounds before they can attack and get to your gems. This will also allow you to terminate them even they have the time to come any nearer.

This may seem like a simple game at first but do not be deceived, the levels get pretty hard and will require your full attention. To beat the game, do not just rely on the above tips, in the end everything will be up to you. Just remember to choose you weapons and locations wisely. Damage to the enemy is vital, do not be merciful

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