Top 5 Mobile Applications

There are many mobile applications available, some can tell what your friends are doing, some allows you to search and many other exciting things. Below are some of the best mobile phone appilications:

Adobe Reader LE

The Adobe Reader LE works on Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, android and Blackberry platforms. This app allows you to read PDF documents even when you are on the go. It supports zooming and panning and there is a search feature that allows for a direct access of the of the documents that you might need.

Advanced Task Killer

This app works on android platform and it lets the user to close multiple background of processes immediately. It also features an ignore list that can hide the necessary processes.


The Evernote application works on Windows Mobile, Java, iPhone, Palm, android and Blackberry platforms. It is actually a universal notepad that has two strong points; it can be used in audio, video or image formats and all the nore taken in it can be saved on the online service, so it is easier to get access on these files from any platform anywhere you may be.

Google Goggles

This app was specifically designed for the android platform and it is ultra modern. It lets the user to eaasily search with just using an image as the input. It is regularly updated with the latest features and functionalities.


JellyCar worls on the iPhone platform and is one of the most popular games around. With a car made of jelly that can change its size, stretch and crunch up depending on the situation. These unique capabilities will help you navigate through a series of difficult obstacles to play the end to success.

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