ERA Bluetooth Headset

The Jawbone new ERA Bluetooth headset is a small computer for the ear. This is the new era of high technology for the next generation. It has a caller ID application that identifies the caller and can also send messages. This device provides a top quality HD sound experience and convenience. A wearable unit such as this is very much recommended for people who are always on the go. No need to pick the phone, you can answer calls and even send messages while your hands are busy doing something else.

The audio quality of the ERA headset has a 25 percent bigger wideband speaker than previously issued headset models. The built-in accelerometer helps the user to be comfortable while moving. The company used a Fullpower-MotionX in developing this new innovation.

The ERA is now considered as a new personal device that adapts to the way people live in today’s modern world. We live in a past-phased environment and every second counts. A very busy individual can use up more of his time with his other duties if he does not have to spend some of his time in picking up and putting down his mobile.

The company is setting up this new technology as a platform wherein new applications can be developed. This mini ear computer comes complete with a multi-processor architecture and serial flash.

This device has so many special features that will definitely help the modern man. If put on the Shake Shake  mode function, the user can answer and end a call just by double tapping the device. It can also identify ordinary motions and then act in response to them. Another new application featured is the new caller ID that uses friendly and non-robotic voice. This means the sound will be pleasant to the ear and so the user will be more relaxed when receiving a call even when he is on a business meeting or a seminar.

The ERA Bluetooth headset has an upgraded NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology. It is a military grade technology that has the capacity to determine the type of noise environment you are currently in. It automatically modifies the incoming volume and precision of the sounds even without switching any controls. Jawbone described this upgraded technology as something that befits any product called assassin. Kill the unnecessary noise and leave the rest to be readable to the user.

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