How To Use a Mobile Phone as a Modem

Tethering is the term used for connecting a mobile phone to a laptop or PDA for Internet access. The connection can be done using either a USB/serial cable or via Bluetooth.

The process itself is easy but because wireless companies have different rules and plans for tethering it can be a little tricky. Add the fact that phone models also have certain capabilities and limitations. If you have any doubt as to how to use your hamdset as a modem it is always the best recommendation to contact your service provider or phone manufacturer for further instructions.

Tethering allows users to go online from their laptops or PDAs in cases where there is no Internet access like when there is no Wi-Fi Hotspots or when your home Internet connection is down.

Below are some of the basic instruction that may help you to start:

  • Of course the first thing you need is a device where you can connect your phone; a laptop or a PDA.
  • Be sure that your cell phone or smartphone have a data plan.
  • Be sure the data plan allows you to use your cell phone as a modem.
  • Use an application for tethering. There are many mobile apps available for tethering smartphones and Androids
  • For official tethering instructions from your wireless company, go to the carriers official websites.

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