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Samsung is soon to release the predecessor to the Samsung Star, the Samsung Star II S5260. The original Star was a big success because it has all the features that the customers needed.

The new Star II will have additional features like a Social Networking Support and TouchWiz 3.0. This new version will not run though on Samsung’s Bada OS but rather will be running on a “feature phone” category.

The Star II will be initially available in Germany this February to be followed by other Europeans countries, Middle East, South America and India.


In the latest advertisement from Apple, the popular mobile company describes Apple iPhone had a tag line that goes: Two is better than one.

This newest advertisements on the iPhone 4 is not yet available live on Apple’s official YouTube channel, but a YouTube user was able to record an HD version of the advert and people can now watch it.

The controversial advert recorded by Canamerica6776 is short with no voiceover. It shows both AT&T and Verizon iPhones doing exactly the same features. This may sound funny but these rival companies are both promoting the iPhone 4.

So Apple is currently enjoying the support of two fighting networks and selling more and more of its smartphones. People have more options and Apple does not mind which one the customers take as long as people will keep on buying an iPhone.

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