AT&T Announces Marketing of Android Phones

Smartphones based on Google’s Android software will be the next on the marketing plan of AT&T Inc. and the company will no longer be the exclusive distributor of Apple iPhones in the US.

There will be a big shift in mobile industry as Verizon, the biggest supporter of Android will start selling the iPhone starting this February. Everybody will be holding their breaths as to whose strategy will succeed.

Motorola one of the biggest Android phone manufacturing companies are already seeing a big drop-off of its sales from Verizon since most customers are waiting for the telecommunication company’s iPhone releases.

AT&T Inc. said that they are going to play a major role in the Android market this year. Big changes are about to happen as the significant shift goes through.

AT&T have experience a big blow when they were only able to sign-up four hundred thousand new contract customer during last year’s last quarter. It was reported to be the lowest quarterly report in the last five years. This report have somewhat disappointed analysts but the telecommunications company announced that because of the new improvements and network upgrades they have made last year, they are expecting more revenues and larger number of contracts this year.

The fact that Verizon also provided services for tablet devices with contracts while AT&T did not added to the significant advantage the former had over the latter. Over all, AT&T has reached 95.5 million subscribers while Verizon has 102.2 million including other devices with services.

The $1.09 billion net income recorded by AT&T for the October-December period was actually 60 percent lower than what they had recorded for the year 2009. But for 2011, AT&T is expecting its earnings to grow with the coming of the big shift in the telecommunications network services industry.

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