Latest Update on Motorola

The New Motorola CLIQ 2

The new CLIQ 2 is a QWERTY keyboard equipped Android smartphone released by Motorola for T-Mobile USA. It has a larger HD screen, a sliding format case and features many upgrades like a faster data. It also offers Wi-Fi calling, dual LED flash and a highly developed music player.

It has advanced features for corporate use and entertainment capabilities for play. This smartphone is specifically designed to provide users with up-to-date information anytime and anywhere. CLIQ 2 will help users stay connected whether at home, in the office or anywhere else. The advanced features are business-ready to keep you on the job even when you are on the go. There are lots of entertainment options if you want to relax or play a game or two.

The CLIQ 2 has faster speeds that will keep up will your way of life. The cleverly designed slide-out keypad allows for quicker access of the keys, the Wi-Fi calling abilities lets the users to make calls to anywhere in the world.

This Motorola smartphone is powered by Android 2.2 with access to over a hundred thousand of applications and games available from Android Market. With these apps the user can access the latest movies turning this innovative device into one great entertainment hub.

For the busy career people, this mobile phone is very useful because of the business functions offered. The immense calendar capabilities allows users to stay on time by being able to monitor meeting schedules, send and reply messages, forward conference notices and even check on the participants in a meeting. There is a corporate directory that lets the user to stay constantly connected with colleagues and be updated with the latest office news even when you are on the road. The Quickoffice feature lets you view and edit essential documents in an instant.

The Motorblur feature helps with the communication overload by managing emails and social networking services. No time will be wasted as the customized filters will let you control the kind of messages and updates you will display in your home-screen widgets.

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