Email for Mobile Phones

According to latest surveys and reports mobile email usage is one of the most common way of communication next to text messaging. The best thing about sending and receiving emails on handset is that you do not have to be home or in the office infront of the PC to be able to check your mails. If you are away and on the move, you do not need a laptop or a notebook, your mobile phone is all you need to keep in touch with family and collegues.

Another advantage email has over SMS is the cost and the length limitations. You can type as many characters as you like for free. Email is easy and can be used on many paltforms.

Even before the implementation of any of the new operating systems on mobile like Android and iOS, email has already been optiomised on handheld phones. Most non-smartphones also features email and so more people are able to use this great feature.

With this useful feature on most mobile phones people are more excited to be on the net even while they are out. Imagine being able to reply to emails even when doing your grocery shopping. Or greeting a friend abroad on his birthday even when you are on the bus. All you need is that compact device that fits your pocket.

Emailing on the go beats texting anytime of the day, anywhere you may be.

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