Free Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is a technological breakthrough; it gives the user the opportunity to play on a mobile phone. The very first mobile game was installed in a Nokia phone in 1977 called Snake. Today, there are more and more games being installed on phones and they are becoming more and more sophisticated. With the very small processing power of a mobile phone compared to a PC, the games that can be installed in a phone are flashy and small.

Some of the latest and popular free downloadable mobile games are:

Coast Racer 3D

This is a race game that tales the player to along the French Riviera. The race takes place on a winding road along the coast. There are beautiful 3D landscapes and small villages. Sharp curves, dangerous turns and tunnels are the race’s risky route.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 3D

This is another racing game that takes the rider on either a hot pursuit or be the one to be pursued. There are achievement points to be earned from this game that is flooded with adrenalin-rushing excitement of chases.

Platinum Solitaire 3

This is a new version of the most common played card game. This game allows the player to travel around the world and build a casino empire.


In this game there a re small monsters that play the role as paratroopers and they try to outmaneuver their foes in 5 levels with 5 stages where you need to earn points in order to get to the next level. If you don’t, you will be disqualified to continue.

Mobile Aquarium

In this game you will be able to take care and grow fishes in a virtual aquarium

Nightclub Empire

For those who love the nightlife, this is one game to fulfill those lonely weekday nights. You don’t have to wait fro a Saturday night before enjoying the nightclub scenes.

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