Nokia 1661 Review – Price of Nokia 1661

Nokia 1616

Price Range :1300-1400/-

Nokia 1616 is a copy of the old Nokia 1600 and is successfully running in the Asian markets, especially in Indian markets. Due to the fact that this cell phone is cheap and is meant for calling and texting purposes only, the Nokia 1616 is making a business of millions in Asian countries.

The cell phone is a candy shaped with an odd screen size of just 1.8 inches. However, the display resolution is 128 x 160 pixels, with 65 thousand wonderful color displays. The handset supports a 3.5 mm jack for instant listening to your MP3 files and even the built-in FM radio player.

Nokia 1616

The cell phone is victorious due to the fact that it has a built-in torch light, a plus point of changing its covers to any suitable color and a battery standby time of more than 550 hours. This cell phone is available in black, blue, red and grey colors.

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