Motorola W75 Review – Motorola W75

Motorola W75

Powerful Motorola W755 has a vivid display, well-designed control, as well as a very well-brought-up feature set. This also has call quality that is very pleasing, and their photos added to its streaming-video superiority are both outstanding. The Motorola W755’s design appear a way too familiar, however its hard feature set, an ergonomic controls, and pleasant call and video quality creates it a dependable handset.

This won’t take cell phone geek notice W755 strong resemblance in Motorola RAZR. Like its famous predecessor, W755 has slim design with square external display and tiny camera lens above. W755’s pivot is strong as well. It is as well a bit strange in the front face in fact rests at the back of the rear flutter when the phone is in open mode.


A 1-inch external display support 65,000 colors plus 96×80 pixels. Moreover it shows the time, date, signal strength, battery life, and a caller ID it as well supports photo caller ID and doubles as a view finder for camera lens.

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