Motorola V365 – Motorola V365 Review

Motorola V365


Motorola V365 provides a satisfying call quality and midrange feature which includes Bluetooth and push to talk support. You would be forgiven if you expect the Cingular new Motorola to be as Motorola V360 for a T-mobile. Though they are siblings, V365 barely resemble to the V360 and that is good a thing because you never thought that the V360 was pretty. Instead, V365 flip phone take design cues from Motorola V557.

The phone features a VGA camera, speaker phone, Bluetooth, MP3 player, a memory card slot and with a push to talk support. The performance of this phone is very satisfactory and very reasonable as well. This may not like much the other phone of the Motorola and the first thing that you will notice on this phone is the whopper.

Motorola V365

Motorola V365 has 3.54 by 1.65 by 0.95 inches and is thicker than some smart phones and twice as the thick of the Motorola RAZR. V365 suits only on bigger pockets; however it did has a benefit from the solid construction and comfortable feeling in the hand.

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