Motorola ROKR E6 Review – Price of Motorola ROKR E6

Motorola ROKR E6Price Range : Rs.8000

ROKR E6 has eventually created innovations in the history of Motorola phones such as the touch screen display, 2 megapixel cameras, Linux operating system, and the SD memory card. To top it all, the ROKR E6 really holds the great look.

When you buy this mobile phone from Motorola you will think of this as a slider, but this is certainly a PDA. This kind of mobile phone has 240×320 resolutions and the size of this is 2.4 inches. When it comes to design, Motorola ROKR E6 has outstanding design. The dimension of this phone is 111×51.5×14.5 mm. This has also a large earpiece which is 2.4 inches in size.

 Motorola ROKR E6

Its touch screen is 256K TFT supporting a 240×320 pixels resolution. For you to use different kind of sod headphones, the ROKR E6 is fitted with headphone jack that is standard 3.5mm. This mobile phone from Motorola really owns the best features.

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