Motorola RAZR V3 GSM Review – Motorola RAZR V3 GSM Price in India


Motorola RAZR V3 Price Range :  Rs.5280

If you are unsatisfied with your phone at this very moment and thinking to look for a substitute, then Motorola RAZR V3 GSM is a great option. This model is a quad-band mobile phone that obtains great beneficial features. This kind of mobile phone from Motorola is considered as one of the finest and best seller models in the industry of mobile phones.


This is definitely no doubt that once you acquire this phone you will absolutely identify how magnificent this Motorola phone is. As you open this slim Motorola RAZR V3 GSM you will first see it is big internal LCD that obtains 262,000-color that provides magnificent clarity of pictures. Furthermore, this type of Motorola phone backs-up a 4x zoom and several other brilliant features for editing.

.Motorola RAZR V3

This as well has great range and clarity in doing telephone calls. The battery of this phone endows a 4 to 5 hours talk time. This also contains Bluetooth that can easily transfer files or photos to the computers, PDAs, and phonebooks.

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