Motorola MS800 – Motorola MS800 Review

Motorola MS800

The Motorola MS800 is the newest addition in the vast population of iconic Motorola handset. Behind its simplicity and sleek design hides a phone that will love by many because of its high tech features. This type of phone is very perfect for those people who want to be hip. Motorola MS 800 exudes not just elegance but coolness as well.

With the slim clamshell form, superior components, internal antenna, external touch keys, materials, easy operation and finishes. The new model of Motorola phone makes a singular marriage of the iconic design.

Motorola MS800 integrate a satellite television technology, only means that the owner can really enjoy his favorite program anywhere at anytime with high quality sounds and videos. Additionally, Motoview also features a full range of multimedia abilities including its 1.3 megapixel camera with a camcorder, MP3 and video playback.

Motorola MS800

It also has a 128 tone polyphonic sound and Macromedia Flash Lite Adobe. The MOTOVIEW is a well-formed and highly flexible multimedia handset.

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