Motorola Q9H Specification – Motorola Q9H Price in India


Motorola Q9H Price Range : Rs. 17300

If you do not have a Motorola phone today then you will definitely wont have to miss the newly introduce Motorola Q9H. Motorola is always known for its innovation and style and with lots of great features, this new model of Motorola phone will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

There are many people that use Motorola since they are really very friendly to use. Motorola Q9H mobile feature a 24 inch TFT display that provides 65,000 colors and also it offer a panel resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. This type of phone has a MP camera which comes in an optical zoom as well as a video recorder.

Motorola Q9H

When you buy this phone, you will also have an incorporated 96 MB memory with its peripheral memory which can be increased to 8GB with the use of a TransFlash card. The phone also prides to have an MP3 music player, FM radio, speaker, and a headphone. You can link this phone to Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, and EDGE networks that allows users to use the net.

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