Motorola i1 Specification – Motorola i1 Price in India

Motorola i1


Price Range : $149.99

Motorola i1 has the best reactive touch screen phone series. It has acquires magnificent call quality and a rugged construction. This also has a Sprint array of a broadband service and a Nextel Direct Connect.

When talking about the design, the mobile phones 4.65 inches long, 2.34 inches wide and 0.5 inch thick. This is a clad in military certified casing which is created to withstand the elements of vibration, dust, blowing rain, shock, salt fog, low pressure, extreme temperature, humidity, and the solar radiation.

Furthermore, it has a clock appearance and Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi widgets. Motorola i1 Sprint Nextel is in fact alike to Boost Mobile version. Fatefully, the same to the Boost Mobile Version, this phone comes in android 1.5.

Motorola i1

Even the top essential android phones are already set with the OS 1.6, hence, Motorola still claims this due to they desire the very first iDEN android phone to be totally firm and solid.

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