What Motorola Kingfisher EX128 Dual SIM Has To Give

Motorola Kingfisher EX128

Price Range :Rs 5,690/-

To those individual who uses two SIM cards it would be great to have a dual SIM phone, it would be practical instead of using two phones. There are cell phones now that can be inserted with two SIM cards at the same time. One of the cell phone manufacturers that offer dual SIM card is the Motorola.

Motorola Kingfisher EX128

Motorola has just recently launched their Motorola Kingfisher EX128 Dual SIM in the market. This is the perfect phone for those who like to use two SIM cards at the same time. Aside from the dual SIM feature this phone also has 3MP camera with digital zoom high resolution and a display that is touch screen. You can also download your favorite music for it has sound music player, 200 minutes talk time battery, and memory card slots. These are just some of the great features that you can have from Motorola Kingfisher EX128 Dual SIM.

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