Motorola EM325 Specification – Motorola EM325 Price in India

Motorola EM325

Do you know that Motorola EM325 is one of the Motorola phones that are filled with great features? This is absolutely true for this Motorola EM325 is designed to provide lots of great features to the users.

One of the best features of this phone is its music player. This phone is a quad-band GSM device that provides exceptional control to your music. This also has FM radio, expandable memory, versatile camera, and stylish design. The camera in this phone is fitted with 1.3 mega pixels for perfect capturing.

Motorola EM325

This phone is slider that has fitted internal antenna. In addition to these great features of Motorola EM325, this gives you also the chance to record video. This also contains 1000 phone book entries. This phone from Motorola is really filled with the best features. You will definitely enjoy using this phone because of its provided features. So, buy this now and benefit all of it.

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