HTC Google Nexus One Review – HTC Google Nexus One Price

imagePrice Range :  Rs.25000

This google has a very slim look makes it fashionable. A casing of Brown color makes it look dignified and is unique compared to some other phones. It has a wide screen that makes it easy for users to navigate through the menu. The icons are very impressive since the colors are very detailed. Added to that is its touchscreen that makes it very user friendly as it is very easy to use compared to other old model phones.

The phones memory is expandable up to 4MB through a microSD card, enough for one to store important files and documents that he wants to come handy. This phone also supports Internet connectivity through its wi-fi feature which means that you can connect using a wireless connection that is a lot more convenient and accessible compared to other forms of Internet connectivity.


The phone supports third party applications that needs Java software to run. These applicatications add more fun and excitement to many users since they are free to install he software’s that He prefer like games.

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