HTC 7 Surround Specification – HTC 7 Surround Price in India

HTC 7 Surround Price Range :  

The mobile has a widescreen and able to display 16M colors which means that navigation will be a lot easier as well as one will be able to enjoy a colorful display of icons. This is one feature that most teens are looking for in a cellular phone because it adds to the chic look as well as a modern touch since we all know that the more colorful and clear your phone display is, the more modern it is.

HTC 7 Surround

The touchscreen also makes the phone very easy to navigate and fun. Also, a touchscreen will save you from the tedious texting that you do in older phones that doesnt support touchscreen. The phone supports wireless Internet connection through a wi-fi capability making your mobile experience at the top of modern technology. Definitely this will add to the reasons why this phone is modern and works more like a personal computer. Added to this computer-like feature is its Pocket Office appliaction wherein one can easily view and write documents.

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