Free Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are special features developed for handheld devices. These are either pre-installed on the units during production or can be downloaded from apps stores and other mobile software platfofrms.

Here are some free mobile apllications available on the internet:

Elecont Weather and Barometer for Windows Mobile – it is the most precise hour by hour forecast that features current wether conditions, weather alerts and barometer with animation on the Home screen. It features support for a Sliding Panel and WM 6.5 Titanium Today screen.

VLC Media Player – it is a great alternative for Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer and others. This application is considered to be the most secure and flexible audio/video player. It offers a great hotkey support, learn the shortcuts so you will not have to use your mouse. The interface is very useful though not too attractive; there are skins that can be downloaded though to entirely change the VCL mdeia Player’s appearance.

Microsoft Excel 2010 – with this application, sharing data is a lot more easier with spreadsheet sharing. This feature allows inviter people to view and edit your spreadsheets and with the mobile version, you can take your spreadsheets anywhere. You can learn a lot from this incredible application and get very appealing presentation from the Excel spreadsheet at the same time. This is the essentially the best spreadsheet application vaialable today.

Nokia N97 software version 21.0.045 / 21.2.045 – this software offers improved call reliability. It also features improved Browser and Music Player plus video stability.

iVehicle Manager – this is application is for vehicles owners as it allows you to track vehicles, car expenses, car maintenance schedules and many more. Modification on the stored data is easy even if you are on the go.

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