Sony Ericsson S003 Review – Sony Ericsson S003 Price

Sony Ericsson S003 Price Range :Rs.36800/-

Sony Ericsson S003 is also called the Mobile TV Edition due to the fact that this handset is equipped with a built-in DVB-H TV broadcast receiver and tuner. Moreover, the stylish candy bar phone S003 brought to you by Sony Ericsson is an incredible choice for those wanting for a classy mobile with a slim body, packed with stunning features. The compact model is extremely slim for a candy bar with brilliant dimensions.

Pictures and videos could never be viewed better with the extensive 26-million color showc/ase and a large TFT 3.2-inch LCD screen for vivid graphic demonstration. Its polished metal covering grants an elegant and posh look to the cell phone.

Sony Ericsson S003

The mobile interface for the Sony Ericsson S003 is completely manageable with around 12 customizable icons and various skin-changing options, setting your phone with your personal preferences. More can be downloaded or installed with the help of microSD, internet or a USB 2.0 support.

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