Motorola Flipout – The Most Sought After Phone For Ladies



The Motorola Flipout is one of the mobile phone of Android that obtains a very great feature. The phone acquires QWERTY keyboards that are established in five rows. The design of the phone is in squares that can be rounded when you flip them out. It also has fairly narrows keys and unusual rows of number keys. The display of the mobile phone is absolutely great, which is a touch screen that is 2.8 inches in size and 320 by 240 pixels image resolution. The camera of the mobile phone that you can see at the back has 3 mega pixels resolution.

The Motorola Flipout camera is ideal for video clips on occasions that you attend to and for basic shots. The images that are captured are visibly clear for the reason that the company is in partnership with Kodak. This type of Android 20.1 is supporting MOTOBLUR, which is one of the services given by Motorola. You can also surf the net using this Motorola Flipout. This mobile phone is available in yellow, black, pink and green colors. Mostly, women are the ones who bought this kind of phone because it’s elegant and chic.

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