Nokia 6700 Review – Nokia 6700 Price in India

Nokia 6700 Price Range : Rs. 9474

The Nokia 6700 is the right phone for you if you are looking for a drastic multimedia experience in a cell phone. This mobile is also famous as the Zoomy Slider in many parts of the US. The elegant scratch-defiant 2.2 TFT screen display wrapped with an anti-reflection layer and WQVGA crystal-clear 16 million color support, the overall dimensions of this slider are 95.2 x 46.1 x 15.9 with 52 cc engine.

The slider uses Symbian OS version 9.3 with 600 MHz processor, as its default operating system. The slider is integrated with a remarkable AF 5-megapixel duo-control LED camera that supports stunning advanced imaging features such as smile and face detection, auto image steadiness and easier photo blogging capabilities.

Nokia 6700

VGA video recording is done at a steady 30fps rate and functions as a palm video studio with subtitle adding and live dubbing abilities.

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