Nokia 6600 Fold Review – Nokia 6600 Fold Price


Nokia 6600 Price Range : Rs.17500/-

Though not a Smartphone, the clamshell Nokia 6600 fold is perfect for people who want the capabilities of multimedia features integrated into their mobile handsets, as well as a smart clamshell, which can fit in your pockets with an ease and have a great outcome when held in hands.

The interface of this 2.13 inch OLED slider is quite user friendly, and the outlook is sleek and stylish. The clamshell supports an external screen worth of 1.36 inch too. The OS used in Nokia 6600 fold is the series 40 version 5 one and includes a dedicated music key on the left side of its bar. With alert features like missed calls, vibration and MP3 ringtones, you will never miss an important call again.

Nokia 6600

The handset is available in mysterious black and sophisticated purple colors only. The clamshell sports a 2MP camera with LED flash. Video recording is also available at 15 frames per second.

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