Nokia 2220 Review – Nokia 2220 Price


Nokia 2220

Nokia 2220 is a slider cell phone with many unique and advanced features. The display screen size of Nokia 2220 is 1.8 inch only, however, it has a thin film transistor screen worth of 65 thousand colors. The Nokia 2220 slide sports a VGA camera with a highest resolution of up to 640 x 480 pixels. Users can easily share images through a variety of options, including MMS and E-Mail.

However, no Bluetooth or infrared support is available. Apart from the camera, other multimedia options include a video recorder which can record videos at 10 frames per second on a QCIF format. The slider also sports an FM radio with recording features. Most importantly, its lithium-ion battery, when fully charges, offers a talk-time of 5 hours and 20 minutes, and 500 hours of standby time.

Nokia 2220

With a total weight of just 93.5 grams when unpacked, this pocket phone is a bit bulky, but with resemblance to its quality features, measurements doesn’t matter. Overall, this cell phone has some advantages as well as some downsides.

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