MOTOx V600 Specification – MOTOx V600 Price in India


Motorola V600 Price Range : 20,495

Motorola V600 is a much specified phone with an incorporate camera, MP3 ringtones, video playback, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It also has a quad band that let you roam globally.

The Motorola V600 is as well a very attractive clamshell phone with smart chrome finish. Its quality in terms of display is very excellent and the camera performs well. Motorola V600 is larger than other clamshell phone; however then again this phone has a high spec phone, with a lot of features that were packed in.

V600 has Bluetooth technology and has a basic multimedia function that makes it perfect for business use. With its quad band capability, this will definitely serve people around the globe.

Motorola V600

Motorola V600 is very nice and well specified phone that aims firmly in a more expensive market end. Overall, this is a kind of phone that you will definitely love to grab since it will make you stand out in the crowd and be distinct. It is sleek and a simple phone that is very easy to maneuver.

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