LG Wink Style T310 Review – LG Wink Style T310 Price in India


LG Wink Style T310 Price Range : Rs. 8,552

WINK STYLE T310 is the whole new world of technology, invented and discovered by the giant’s LG. LG’s WINK STYLE T310 is a touch screen and a handwriting recognition Smartphone, with more than enough features for any sect. LG introduced its new glossy WINK STYLE T310 touch phone in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The WINK STYLE T310 3G enabled phone features a 2-megapixel camera with powerful LED flash and advanced night-mode photography. The camera also features a video light for light full videos, with some great features like geo-tagging and video calling. The cell phone supports a large 240 x 320 pixel crystal-clear TFT resolution display and a 2.2-inch LCD screen that showcases vivid 16 million colors.

LG Wink Style T310

The full touch screen is integrated with extraordinary features like the accelerometer auto-rotate function which auto-enables switching display modes and gesture control which leads to friendlier navigation and browsing.

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