LG A130 Review – LG A130 Price

LG A130 Price Range : Rs. 4,000/-

The new LG A130 is an entry level clamshell phone which was released by LG in late 2009. The handset is very popular in Indian territories because of LG’s A130 giant advertisements and exposure awareness programs. LG A130 has a half plastic half metal body, with silver white keypads and black external body.

The clamshell looks great when held in hand, while talking and when held in pocket. This handset supports GSM network band of 900/1800 MHZ and 3G UMTS 2100. But a great surprise is that this phone has a built-in GPRS module, through which you can browse the internet via WAP. With a 2.0 inch TFT screen, the display looks great even in bright sunlight.

LG A130

Moreover, LG A130’s battery time is up to the mark, with a high quality talk time of around 8 hours. VGA camera is the default camera in this clamshell, with various features and exciting effects.

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