HTC Trophy Review – HTC Trophy Price


HTC Trophy Price Range : Rs. 18000/-

A practically modern phone with a very hi-technology look that is just suitable for this modern age. It has a widescreen which looks very appealing because it adds more comfort on our mobile experience. The touchscreen also adds a plus factor to the phone making it easy to use and wont cause any discomfort on texting.

It can store up to 8 GB of files in its internal memory but this is not expandable as the phone doesnt have a slot wherein you can insert an internal memory card such as a microSD card. Its operating system is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 making it modern enough to be carried by people who wants to have a small computer with them.

HTC Trophy

The phone is able to support when you are in a hotspot because it has a wi-fi feature that makes Internet connection possible without a physical connection. Very useful for people who stay in constant communication with other people around the globe.

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