HTC 7 Mozart Price – HTC 7 Mozart Review


HTC 7 Mozart

This modern mobile can be very light to carry and it has a very dignified look with its black casing. A very wide screen makes it more user friendly and definitely a good choice for the young ones as well as the adults. The touch screen makes navigational lot easier and texting will not cause your thumb to hurt.

HTC 7 Mozart

The phone supports only 8GB of internal memory and has no slot wherein one can insert a memory card to expand the memory capacity of the phone. One good thing with this phone though is its support for a wireless Internet connection with its wi-fi feature that will really be a big factor why it clicks in this Internet age. Staying in touch with your family and friends all over the globe will be a lot more convenient than before. The phone runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system making the software’s in it more like that of the personal computer.

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