Blackberry 8700g Specification – Blackberry 8700g Price in India

Blackberry 8700g

Price Range : Rs. 10990/-

The Blackberry 8700g is a phone with smart features and designed ergonomically to suit all office applications with style and comfort. The connectivity of the phone is enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make it a smart phone all together. The QWERTY keypad allows faster operations while handling the phone. The phone weighs 134 Gms and the Font size is user selectable.

Blackberry 8700g

The screen has the option of light sensing and Backlighting techniques with polyphonic and MP3 ring tones. The approximate battery life happens to be 16 days standby time and 4 hrs of talk time which is tremendous. The memory is installed with 64 MB Flash memory with SDRAM technology. The phone has all security features with password protection and supports Triple DES or AES Encryption when integrated with the enterprise server of Blackberry. The phone has embedded games and allows you to download games too. The phone is available a t a price of Rs. 10990/-

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