The New Google’s Honeycomb

Google is soon going to announce the release of the android Honeycomb, the latest version of the Andoid OS that has been specifically optimised for tablets.

The new features to be expected from the Honeycomb are the following:

  • A new button for multitasking on the homescreen for easier acces on running applications.
  • Reusable widget components that may be installed on the homescreen
  • Notifications that are absolutly unintrusive with more informations than what you can get on your mobile phones
  • Fruit Ninya that is same version originally created for smartphones
  • Application Fragments for additional applications
  • Side by side fragments in comparision to smartphones one time fragment display
  • RenderScript – a graphics engine for top grade perormance 3D graphics
  • New anination framework that allows for sppeeding up of native hardware
  • Supproted multi-core processor that ensures smooth performance of 3D applications
  • A 3D-esque CoverFlow way of browsing for new music apps
  • Google Body – a 3D providing app of the human body that works just like Google Maps but for the body
  • Easy game playing just like in a PS3 but cooler
  • A new camera app with a cool novel circular controlled user interface
  • Image stabilization for a smoother video chat
  • Contact shortcuts that lets you access your contact list while viewing their pictures. Easily connect with friends via email, SMS or video chat
  • CNN app – a free appliaction for tablets that lets you create your own news from your tablet. It also allows you capture pictures or take videos on your tablet’s camera, write reports on what you have seen and capture and then upload them via iRep[ort in an instant.

These changes in the Andoid OS is really a big step towards better communication and bigger opportunities for tablet users. They also give developers more chances of using more flexible ways to build up applications.

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