Latest Update on Motorola

The New Motorola CLIQ 2

The new CLIQ 2 is a QWERTY keyboard equipped Android smartphone released by Motorola for T-Mobile USA. It has a larger HD screen, a sliding format case and features many upgrades like a faster data. It also offers Wi-Fi calling, dual LED flash and a highly developed music player.

It has advanced features for corporate use and entertainment capabilities for play. This smartphone is specifically designed to provide users with up-to-date information anytime and anywhere. CLIQ 2 will help users stay connected whether at home, in the office or anywhere else. The advanced features are business-ready to keep you on the job even when you are on the go. There are lots of entertainment options if you want to relax or play a game or two.

The CLIQ 2 has faster speeds that will keep up will your way of life. The cleverly designed slide-out keypad allows for quicker access of the keys, the Wi-Fi calling abilities lets the users to make calls to anywhere in the world.

This Motorola smartphone is powered by Android 2.2 with access to over a hundred thousand of applications and games available from Android Market. With these apps the user can access the latest movies turning this innovative device into one great entertainment hub.

For the busy career people, this mobile phone is very useful because of the business functions offered. The immense calendar capabilities allows users to stay on time by being able to monitor meeting schedules, send and reply messages, forward conference notices and even check on the participants in a meeting. There is a corporate directory that lets the user to stay constantly connected with colleagues and be updated with the latest office news even when you are on the road. The Quickoffice feature lets you view and edit essential documents in an instant.

The Motorblur feature helps with the communication overload by managing emails and social networking services. No time will be wasted as the customized filters will let you control the kind of messages and updates you will display in your home-screen widgets.

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LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black

LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black to be Available in German Market by Pre-order

The most advanced LG smartphones are now available on the German Amazon webpage. The handsets are still in a pre-order option and the exact launched is still yet to be mentioned.

The LG Optimus 2X will be presented in brown and will be called Optimus Speed.

This candy-bar designed handset is the first smartphone that runs on a dual-core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU. It features a large-sized 4 inch display that allows viewing of videos  made in HD 1080p. It has a 1500mAh battery powers, a microSD slot, Bluetooth capability, Wi-Fi support, 8megapixels resolution camera, video calling support, Internet browsing accesibility and it works on Android 2.2  OS and expected to eventually upgrade to Android 2.3 OS.

LG has yet to give out the specifications of midifications to be done on the Optimus Black when it reached the German market but it is rumoured that there will be exciting new display changes.

The Optimus Black is also known as the LG B and it boasts the specs to be called the “thinnest and the Brightest” smartphone. It measures 9.2mm with a 4 inch NOVA display that can offer up to 700 nits of brightness. It runs on Android 2.2  OS with 1000 MHz processor speed and Optimus UI 2.0. It features a microSD and microSDHC slots, a maximum card size of 32GB, accelerator and compass sensors, built-in online services support for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, a 5megapixels camera that features auto focus and Geo tagging,

Both phones are expected to be a big success in the German market and the pre-ordering scheme to be very flourishing promotion.

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Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Games

Mobile games are video games that can be played on a handheld phone, smartphone, PDA, laptop, or portable media player. Snake is the first ever mobile game installed on Nokia phones in 1997. It is estimated that over a billion have played Snake since its introduction,

Mobile games are generally downloaded through the mobile operator’s radio network, in some cases though they can also be installed directly into the handsets during production, also downloadable via infrared and Bluetooth connection.

The Following are the Top 5 Mobile Games

Tetris Mobile Phone Game

The Tetris mobile game is an adaptation of the classic game we all loved. A few modifications were done to make this popular game more updated and more appealing to the younger generation. For the mobile phone, a Marathon mode was added as well as two additional fast games; the Ultra – where you have to clear as many lines as you can in 2 minutes and the Forty Line – where you have to clear 40 lines as fast as you can.

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WORMS Mobile Phone Game

The classic comic war game is back on mobile with an all-new update for 2010! Send your worm platoons into battle with cult-classic weapons like the Banana Bomb and Super

Worms is a classic comic war game with an all new updated version. To play, you must send your worm platoons to war using classic weapons like the Banana Bombs and Super Sheep, new additions like the Spartan Kick and the Brick. Fight on levels that range from Easy to Insane.

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Chess Conquest Mobile Phone Game

This is a classic kingdom-defense game, wherein you as a King will have to fight for the freedom of your land and people. The main aim is to free the people as well as the neighbors against King Khnar who have managed to conquer the rest of the world and your castle is the last place where there is fighting still going on. To defeat Khnar who have a very big army you have to use all your skills and knowledge to win unique chess game.

King Khnar is conquering the world. Your castle is the last place where people are still fighting for the freedom. You, the King, are going to struggle for emancipation and

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Cricket Fever Mobile Phone Game

This game will let you play cricket against the world’s greatest teams. Just try to beat all to become the champion.

Play cricket against the world’s greatest teams. Choose your team, toss the coin, choose the number of overs and then bat & ball to victory. Try to beat all the teams to become the world champion!

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2-4-1 Absolute Sudoku and Kakuro Mobile Phone Game

Sudoku is addictive, we all know that. Combine with Absolute Kakuro it is even more fun. More dilemmas and a whole new series of puzzle challenges await anyone who will try this unique number game.

Addictive and challenging, the great combination of Absolute Kakuro and Absolute Sudoku – both offering a host of puzzling dilemmas, with a variety of challenging and exciting problems to solve

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Sprint Announced the Release of Two 4G Devices by Novatel Wireless

Sprint Announced the Release of Two 4G Devices by Novatel Wireless

Two new 4G mobile phones by Novatel Wireless were released by Sprint Nextel Corporation. The HTC EVO Shift 4G was released in January 9, 2011 and the MiFi 3G/4G Hotspot will debut on the market on February 27, 2011.

The HTC EVO Shift 4G is the 16th 4G capable phone model from Sprint, it is a modified version of the original HTC EVO. The design is compact and appealing with a remarkable line of features and a great sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Other features are:

  • Runs on Android 2.2 processor with easy access to the Android Market and more than one hundred thousand of applications
  • 5megapixel camera
  • 720p HD camcorder
  • 3.6 inch touchscreen display with a pinch-to-zoom capability
  • HD video recording
  • Wi-Fi connectivity access
  • High performance messaging – text messaging, IM and email
  • Social Networking services that connects to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more
  • Google services integration with YouTube, Google Talk, Google Voice, Google Maps and many more
  • Visual Voice Mail capability
  • Bluetooth connection
  • GPS Navigation Integration
  • MicroSD that supports up to 32GB memory card.

The MiFi 3G/4G Hotspot is similar with the MiFI devices already out in the market this new version has a WiMAX radio for quick connection speeds. The second 3G/4G for Sprint after the release of the OverDrive in the early parts of 2010. The MiFi design allows for a one-touch connectivity of up to five WiFi capable devices which includes; eReaders, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. With no cables or software installation needed experience a real wireless convenience with this magnificent handset that has a battery power of up to four hours of usage time and sixty hours of standby time. Be totally free from worry and discomfort even at home, on the road or in the office with this technology packed device that fits in your hand like a credit card.

Other features include:

  • Support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh Operating Systems
  • WiFi connection with no software required
  • 600 kbps to 1.4 Mbps of average download speeds
  • 3G/4G Datalink
  • 1500mAH battery
  • External display for battery, signal strength and device connection monitoring
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ERA Bluetooth Headset

The Jawbone new ERA Bluetooth headset is a small computer for the ear. This is the new era of high technology for the next generation. It has a caller ID application that identifies the caller and can also send messages. This device provides a top quality HD sound experience and convenience. A wearable unit such as this is very much recommended for people who are always on the go. No need to pick the phone, you can answer calls and even send messages while your hands are busy doing something else.

The audio quality of the ERA headset has a 25 percent bigger wideband speaker than previously issued headset models. The built-in accelerometer helps the user to be comfortable while moving. The company used a Fullpower-MotionX in developing this new innovation.

The ERA is now considered as a new personal device that adapts to the way people live in today’s modern world. We live in a past-phased environment and every second counts. A very busy individual can use up more of his time with his other duties if he does not have to spend some of his time in picking up and putting down his mobile.

The company is setting up this new technology as a platform wherein new applications can be developed. This mini ear computer comes complete with a multi-processor architecture and serial flash.

This device has so many special features that will definitely help the modern man. If put on the Shake Shake  mode function, the user can answer and end a call just by double tapping the device. It can also identify ordinary motions and then act in response to them. Another new application featured is the new caller ID that uses friendly and non-robotic voice. This means the sound will be pleasant to the ear and so the user will be more relaxed when receiving a call even when he is on a business meeting or a seminar.

The ERA Bluetooth headset has an upgraded NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology. It is a military grade technology that has the capacity to determine the type of noise environment you are currently in. It automatically modifies the incoming volume and precision of the sounds even without switching any controls. Jawbone described this upgraded technology as something that befits any product called assassin. Kill the unnecessary noise and leave the rest to be readable to the user.

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Samsung S5260 Star II, Nokia E7, Apple IPhone 4

Samsung S5260 Star II

The best selling Samsung S5230 Star now has successor, the S5260 Star II. It features a the same specs as the original Star though some have been modified like the Wi-Fi connectivity, the 3 inch 240×400 pixel screen, and a 3.2 MP fixed-focus  no-flash camera. This touch screen mobile phone also has a deep social networking integration, sadly though, this is not a smartphone.

Nokia E7

From Nokia comes the E7 series also can be called a “mobile office” because of the great functions and features it offers. It is a full touch screen and full QWERTY slider phone with a large 4 inch screen display and an 8-megapixel camera. With this unit you can get emails directly from Yahoo!. Gmail, Hotmail and other sites. Chat through the IM services too and get updates on FAcebook and Twitter on the home screen. This phone is powered by Symbian 3 operating system that offers more than 250 features.

Apple IPhone 4

The Apple IPhone 4 has great features that will certainly make anyone amaze. It has two cameras the front one that focuses on the user and the usual one at the back. It features FaceTime that allows the switching between the two cameras during a video call. Take great looking pictures with the 5 megapixel camera with built-in LED flash. The screen display is the most vibrant kind with the highest resolution that is 4 times the pixel count of the former IPhone models. This sharp pixel density allows for image to be stunningly clear.

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How to Choose the Most Interesting Mobile Phone Themes

Mobile phone themes are folders that contain a set of icons, images, even music and ring tones. These themes are categorized depending on the phone brand or models and also according to topics. A mobile brand kind of theme is of course not useful for other phone brands.

Each mobile phone brand has its own unique set of themes that are easily recognizable as the brand’s signature themes. These themes are installed in the handsets during manufacture. There are also themes that you can do on your phone is you are not satisfies with what your phone has. These personally created themes can then be shared with your friends by uploading. There are sites that offer free tools for creating themes.

Popular mobile themes that are downloadable from the Internet are those scenes from blockbuster films, pictures of characters from TV and movies, animals, nature scenes, various hobbies ( like sports), passions ( like cars and bikes) and many more.

Mobile theme sites offers new and attractive themes and you can change always your theme if you find one that captures your interest. You chosen theme personalize your device as it represents your personality and preferences. Your mobile unit will have a completely altered look once you have selected a mobile theme of your choice.

In general, all latest handheld devices are GPRS or Wi-Fi ready so mobile themes can directly downloaded from mobile theme sites to your mobile unit. Some themes can also be shared with another person via Bluetooth. But before downloading or sharing, be sure to check on the brand compatibility of the themes.

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The New Google’s Honeycomb

Google is soon going to announce the release of the android Honeycomb, the latest version of the Andoid OS that has been specifically optimised for tablets.

The new features to be expected from the Honeycomb are the following:

  • A new button for multitasking on the homescreen for easier acces on running applications.
  • Reusable widget components that may be installed on the homescreen
  • Notifications that are absolutly unintrusive with more informations than what you can get on your mobile phones
  • Fruit Ninya that is same version originally created for smartphones
  • Application Fragments for additional applications
  • Side by side fragments in comparision to smartphones one time fragment display
  • RenderScript – a graphics engine for top grade perormance 3D graphics
  • New anination framework that allows for sppeeding up of native hardware
  • Supproted multi-core processor that ensures smooth performance of 3D applications
  • A 3D-esque CoverFlow way of browsing for new music apps
  • Google Body – a 3D providing app of the human body that works just like Google Maps but for the body
  • Easy game playing just like in a PS3 but cooler
  • A new camera app with a cool novel circular controlled user interface
  • Image stabilization for a smoother video chat
  • Contact shortcuts that lets you access your contact list while viewing their pictures. Easily connect with friends via email, SMS or video chat
  • CNN app – a free appliaction for tablets that lets you create your own news from your tablet. It also allows you capture pictures or take videos on your tablet’s camera, write reports on what you have seen and capture and then upload them via iRep[ort in an instant.

These changes in the Andoid OS is really a big step towards better communication and bigger opportunities for tablet users. They also give developers more chances of using more flexible ways to build up applications.

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How to Download Mobile Applications for iPhone 4

How to Download Mobile Applications for iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 is the fourth version of the iPhone series. It is a touchscreen smartphone and it is primarily promoted for its video calling feature and its web and e-mail access. It runs on Apple’s iOS, the very same operating system used on the previous versions of iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. The multi-touch screen is sensitive to the fingertip contact.

This high-tech device was initially released in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan. The new design of the iPhone 4 is the distinguishing difference it has over the previous iPhone models. It has applications installed during production. Now, there are more applications available for your iPhone 4. There are more than 300,000 categories to choose from.

To download these applications just follow the following steps:

  • Go to the App Store; it is the vital source for mobile applications. Many apps available here are for free.
  • Download with a tap; it is the easiest way. Just look for the best applications you want then simply tap to download.
  • Get fast updates from this site. Available applications are updated every now and then. You can do the downloading one at a time or all you want at the same time.
  • To find more ideal apps the Genuine feature will recommend new application based on the ones you already downloaded.
  • Always keep your iPhone 4 applications updated so you will always be in trend and that way you can get the best that your mobile can give.

The following are some of the best applications available:

  • Puck Billiards – a simple billiards game.
  • Color Mail – o great tool that allows you to send colored emails from your phone.
  • iTrailers – the best portable database where you can view the latest movie trailers and read their reviews.
  • Funny Pictures – features more than 13 various categories of optimized Funny Pictures.
  • Diamond Grading – offers an easy to follow guide to choosing your diamond jewelries.
  • 4G Speed Internet Test – helps you measure your internet speed connection.
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How To Use a Mobile Phone as a Modem

Tethering is the term used for connecting a mobile phone to a laptop or PDA for Internet access. The connection can be done using either a USB/serial cable or via Bluetooth.

The process itself is easy but because wireless companies have different rules and plans for tethering it can be a little tricky. Add the fact that phone models also have certain capabilities and limitations. If you have any doubt as to how to use your hamdset as a modem it is always the best recommendation to contact your service provider or phone manufacturer for further instructions.

Tethering allows users to go online from their laptops or PDAs in cases where there is no Internet access like when there is no Wi-Fi Hotspots or when your home Internet connection is down.

Below are some of the basic instruction that may help you to start:

  • Of course the first thing you need is a device where you can connect your phone; a laptop or a PDA.
  • Be sure that your cell phone or smartphone have a data plan.
  • Be sure the data plan allows you to use your cell phone as a modem.
  • Use an application for tethering. There are many mobile apps available for tethering smartphones and Androids
  • For official tethering instructions from your wireless company, go to the carriers official websites.
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