Nokia 5630 Price – Nokia 5630 Review

Nokia 5630

Price Range:Rs.12500/-

Nokia 5630 is an XpressMusic handset with a capability to run 27 hours of non stop music. XpressMusic handsets came into existence in 2008. But 2009 – 2010 were the years when these handsets got successful. XpressMusic is winning hearts of the youth by throwing its wonderful slider phones in the Indian and Asian markets.

Nokia 5630 is not only a candy bar cell phone, but a full multimedia based handset with a nice keypad on its bottom and a dedicated stereo speaker on its top. The handset sports a music dedicated button on the left side too. The overall look of the new Nokia 5630 is cool, handsome and sexy. The metal body is rock solid and no chance of fingerprints. Navigation is easy and simple and one doesn’t have to worry about keypad spacing while typing a text message.


With a 2.2 inch thin film transistor screen, the resolution looks ultra viewable and watching videos or pictures have a brilliant outcome.

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