Nokia 5235 Review – Nokia 5235 Price in India

Nokia 5235

Price Range:Rs. 8,200/-

The elegant scratch-defiant 2.8-inch TFT touch resistive display of Nokia 5235’s “comes with music” is wrapped with an anti-reflection layer and WQVGA crystal-clear 16 million color support, the accelerometer sensor in-phone enables automatic display switching between portrait and landscape modes.

The smart finger touch and a supplementary 3×4 key function, the upgraded Symbian user interface and proximity detector allows friendlier interaction between the user and the mobile. Its 15.5mm slender and anti-scratch metal body, together with the pioneering silky back-frame and the lustrous curved coating, the Nokia 5235 presents a gorgeous view to the spectator.

Nokia 5235

With superior music and video playing, the phone features exclusive multi-formats such as DIVX, XVID, MP3, AAC+, WMA, and AAC and has WMP9 incorporated for improved audio quality. The advanced web-mobile has unmatched internet connectivity features which allows a lightning fast 7.2Mbps HSDPA broadband and wireless 3G video calling obtainable at your finger tips.

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