LG GS155 Review – LG GS155 Price

GS155 Price Range : 3000/- 

The GS155 is the right phone for you if you are looking for a drastic multimedia experience in a cell phone. This mobile is also famous as the LG Hunter in many parts of the US. The elegant scratch-defiant 1.5 TFT screen display wrapped with an anti-reflection layer and WQVGA crystal-clear 256 thousand color support, the overall dimensions of this slider are 104 x 44.5 x 14 with 36 cc engine.

The candy bar uses Flash UI, as its default operating system. The handset has a built in flashlight feature, which can be used as a torch light. Torchlight is extremely useful while traveling in night or dark places. GS155 is available in blue, green, red, silver and black color.


GS155 introduces a simple MP3 player, with a support of MP3 format only. However, MP3 songs can be transferred with the help of a USB, included in the retail box.

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