Blackberry Storm 9500 Price – Blackberry Storm 9500 Review


Blackberry Storm 9500

The smart storm phone has a QWERTY keypad with Touch screen with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and enabled Blackberry App world features… The 3.2 Mp allows sharp photo availability. The phone has all the enabled Video and multi media capabilities with organizer, Browser and Corporate Data Access. The Battery capacity allows long hrs of functionality. The high resolution display of 480*360 enhances the phone’s inspiring multimedia. The keys embedded at the bottom of the phone allow easy transition in browsing.

Blackberry Storm 9500

The camera has auto focus and auto flash options to enable you to capture perfect photos. The fast network connectivity ensures speed and endurance to enhance the mobile further. The wireless networks fall under Quad-band, Single –band and Dual-band. The security is tied with password protection and screen lock codes. The ring tones are 32 polyphonic tunes with MIDI and MP3 with user configurable alert options. Along with all these amazing features you can get the phone for Rs.22500/-.

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